BareMetal SSD#

If you are using 3HCloud services of “Dedicated server” or “Colocation” and your server is connected to SAN-network under the Fiber Channel protocol with the speed of 8 Gbit/s or 16 Gbit/s it’s possible to create required disks in the 3HCloud storage system.

To do this open “Infrastructure” tab and select “BareMetal SSD”.

Volume creation#

  1. For creation a new disk in the upper right corner click the “Create” button.

  2. Select the region and a zone where the physical server is installed.

  3. Select the required server from the provided list.

  4. Next, select the disk size and one of three tariff plans from the list depending on the required disk performance.

  5. Specify the storage system.

  6. Specify the disk name.

  7. Click the “Create volume” button.