A virtual router allows to route traffic between internal networks.

If the router is connected to an external network it has a 1:1 NAT function to access the Internet from the internal network through the external address of the router or to access the virtual server with an internal subnet from the Internet using a floating IP address.

Creation a Router#

  1. In the Control Panel, go to the “Cloud” / “Routers” section.

  2. Click the “Create” button.

  3. Specify the name of the future router. It is allowed to use Latin letters, numbers and symbols.

  4. Choose region. The router will be available in all availability zones of the selected region. The following regions are available for selection:

  • Warsaw, Poland;

  • Miami, USA.

  1. If you need to route traffic to an external network select the required network (by default, it is proposed to select “Internet External network”).

  2. Next, select the router parameters:

  • Turn on router - after creation the router will be immediately enabled. You can change the state in any time.

  • Turn on SNAT - The NAT function will be enabled. It allows virtual servers with internal networks to access external networks.

  1. Click “Create Router”.

Router setup#

  1. The previously created router will appear in the Control Panel under “Cloud” / “Routers”.

  2. To configure the router, click “More”.

  3. Information about the router will open, where you can:

  • Change the name of the router;

  • Turn the router on or off;

  • Enable or disable SNAT on the router;

  • Change or disable the external network of the router;

  • Add or remove an interface to an internal subnet;

  • Add or remove static routes;

  • Delete the router.